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Cellular and Personal Communications Devices

Cellular phones must be set to silent. Verbal use of cellular phones, including verbal or audio applications, is prohibited in the clubhouse where other members and/or guests are present. If it is necessary to make or receive a call, find a secluded area where other individuals cannot see or hear you. Cellular phones and other personal communications devices may be used for silent functions, like texting and emailing. Proper cell phone etiquette should always be observed. Except for locker rooms, cellular phone cameras may be used on Club property, provided however, that they are used with good judgment and the understanding that all images and video are for personal use only. Photographs and video taken at the Club may not be shared or posted on social media without the prior written consent of Club management. Sharing or posting any photographs or video that is that is disrespectful, obscene, offensive, defamatory or that would cause distress to or infringe upon the privacy or rights of another person is prohibited. Any verbal use of cellular phones on the golf course is strongly discouraged. Cellular phones must be set to silent. If a call is necessary, remove yourself from play so as not disturb other golfers or slow the pace of pay. At the pool and racquets areas and the shooting grounds, verbal use of cellular phones is permitted with the expectation that members and guests are discreet and courteous to others.

Laptops and Tablets

Use of laptops, tablets and similar devices is prohibited in the dining areas of the Club with this exception: use is permitted as small children’s entertainment if on silent or used with headphones. These devices also may be used at the pool, racquets and shooting facilities, the Club’s bars, men’s card room, women’s lounge, and private dining rooms, if used discreetly in silent mode and so as not to disrupt other members’ enjoyment of the area.